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Brochure - Competence Center for Sustainable Procurement

Date 2015.03.19

Sustainability criteria are becoming more and more important for public procurement as well. Government and public administration often take a pioneering role and serve as models, for example when it comes to conserving resources or ensuring good working conditions at production sites. But actually putting policy goals on sustainability into practice can still be a major challenge: There are so many different aspects to consider. To offer effective help to those responsible for public procurement, the Federal Government created the Competence Center for Sustainable Procurement (KNB). It advises all public procurement offices in Germany with regard to environmental, economic and even social criteria. This broad scope is what sets the KNB apart from other advisory services. It was designated the 2013 Flagship Project of the National Sustainability Strategy. We are of course very pleased with this distinction, which serves as an incentive for new projects and collaboration in future. The more people who become involved, the better. This is why the KNB promotes the sharing of knowledge and ideas, helping each individual project and the overall goal: more sustainable procurement. Find out more about our services in the following pages.